Egg Noodles


RECIPE: I was making my mother a recipe from Bill’s Food and realised I’d forgotten to buy egg noodles. The recipe actually called for fresh noodles for the salad component, so this was my chance to try making egg noodles. They were on my list to try anyway and there’s nothing better than making something when you actually need it! The recipe serves about four people.

PREPARATION: So quick! Definitely add the flour slowly as the recipe suggests. It’s important to keep assessing whether the dough is balling together but still sticky. You add flour in the rolling process so you don’t want to start with the dough too dry. A number of other recipes mentioned resting the dough before rolling, so after I had finished kneading it, I rested it on the bench for ten minutes. I liberally dusted the bread board before rolling the dough, and also liberally dusted the dough as I cut it with a pizza cutter. I cut several long strips at a time, then picked them up and dropped them in another pile of flour to stop them sticking together. The dough was happy like that until I was ready to cook it a few minutes later. I cooked it in batches so the noodles wouldn’t stick together and then picked them out to put in a strainer. I had to start with fresh boiling water halfway through because the first batch had become too starchy. I used half and stored the other half cooked in a sealed container in the fridge.

IMPRESSION: The slightly rubbery texture is present but not as obvious as in commercial noodles. They had a lovely flavour, especially straight after cooking (serve quickly!) and just tasted a lot fresher and were more enjoyable to eat than bought ones. And pretty easy too!

Recipe by Lauren from Tastes Better From Scratch

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