RECIPE: With no bread in the house and all the ingredients to fill a tasty tortilla wrap, I decided to try making my own tortillas. I halved the recipe, and added dried mixed herbs to two of the four dough balls. I adapted the US cup measurements to grams.

PREPARATION: The dough was very simple and quick to prepare. With a few kneads and only ten minutes rest, you’re ready to roll and cook each tortilla, and even this step only takes 2-3 minutes. It’s possible that the conversion from US cups to grams was slightly out because my dough was slightly sticky, otherwise the dough is meant to be sticky and regular dusting of the bench with flour while rolling is always necessary. The extra flour didn’t seem to hurt. Adjust the heat as necessary while cooking the flatbreads. I found medium was a touch too hot and left my first bread too crispy. I ended up cooking them on a heat just below medium.

IMPRESSION: These tortillas were great! Really easy to make and tasted good too. Adding the dried herbs to a couple of the tortillas made very little different to the flavour – my filling may have overwhelmed the herbs. Will make these again.

Recipe from Taste of Home

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