Camping desserts

Something a little different this week.

Never assume that because you’re camping you can’t have desserts. Recently, I did an 18-day kayaking trip in Greenland where we had to carry all our food for the trip. Having been recently inspired by a fellow kayaker that had taken a siphon on a kayaking expedition so he could make chocolate mousse, I decided to investigate what recipes might work in this kind of environment.

Bound to our tents for a day with constant rain, I pressed about 6-7 crushed digestive biscuits mixed with about 30g melted butter into a bowl. The bowl I take camping has a flat bottom, perfect for this purpose. I boiled 200ml long-life cream (this comes in either tetra packs or cans) before stirring in a 200g block of dark chocolate (ganache is made with equal quantities of cream and chocolate – choose your own quantity). This mix was poured over the biscuit base, and the covered bowl was set outside. Two hours later we had a chocolate ganache tart. If I’d known how easy this would be to make while camping, I would have tried it before!

We then had panna cotta during a two-night stay near some tidal glaciers, once again made with long-life cream and with condensed milk. The downside of this recipe was having to boil the cream for a while, which wasn’t easy on a camping stove. Due to one hotspot on our pan we had slightly smoky flavoured panna cotta. The panna cotta was set in some plastic yoghurt containers I had saved from before our trip, and with lids on, the containers were placed in a shallow pool with rocks on top to stop them floating off. For serving, the panna cotta was topped with crumbled freeze-dried strawberries, which topped it off perfectly, and after the first mouthful the slight smoky flavour disappeared and only pleasure remained!

I’m keen to see what other desserts I could adapt for camping.

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