Macadamia Torte

RECIPE: My work decided to hold a team baking competition, with a different category a month over four months. My team decided I could have the first category with the theme ‘Australian’. I had a lot of success making iced vovos last Australia Day, but I didn’t want to bake the same thing again, so I spent a lot of time researching what recipes might actually be classed as Australian. There’s not many. I almost settled on doing some sort of variation on Wagon Wheels, but thought that biscuits might not be enough to win. Finally, I realised that I could take a tangent and use an Australian ingredient. A lot of them are surprisingly hard to come by, until I realised that macadamias are an indigenous Australian nut. Once I had macadamias to work with, the options were extensive, with the added bonus that I could easily create a gluten-free cake appealing to a wider group. I made the torte according to the recipe.

COMPONENTS: There is nothing difficult about this cake. The time taken to beat the egg whites to a glossy finish affords the time to chop the nuts, chocolate and dates. Once the egg whites are glossy, you fold in the other ingredients and pop it in the oven. While grease or baking paper is necessary on the bottom of your springform pan, the cake easily breaks away from the sides without damaging the finish. I left the cake in the oven overnight, then topped it with whipped cream and nuts as directed and adding a little grated dark chocolate.

IMPRESSION: A lovely tasty cake that has just the right amount of richness, which the cream helps to balance out so don’t add any sugar to your whipped cream. It’s easy to prepare – you just need to bake it in advance to allow enough time for it to cool in the oven. It crumbles a lot when you cut and it also gets squashed down a bit, so take care with the cutting.

Recipe from Australian Macadamias

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