Lemon Cheesecake


RECIPE: It’s been a long time since I’ve made a cheesecake. With most of a block of cream cheese to use up after making cream cheese frosting, I decided to revisit an old favourite from one of my most-used cookbooks. There’s nothing fancy about the old Women’s Weekly cookbooks, but one thing you can rely on is that the recipes will work every time. I had an assortment of biscuits in the cupboard so chucked them all in together to make up the base, and I added a layer of lemon curd on top, just because. This was the fridge-set condensed milk type of cheesecake. I might have to make a few other styles of cheesecake to compare them and decide the best aspects of each.

COMPONENTS: The biscuit base consisted of 2/3 of a packet of Marie biscuits (a plain milk biscuit), about four Scotch Finger biscuits (shortbread), some crumbs and strips cut off a dacquoise (almond hazelnut meringue biscuit) and two leftover vanilla biscuits! It added up to the correct weight and I knew all the flavours would work with lemon, so I went for it (and cleaned out my cupboard in the process). I used both light cream cheese and light condensed milk in the cheesecake, which didn’t seem to affect the set or the taste (sometimes light products don’t work so well, so it was a risk). I decided to put lemon curd on top and used the same recipe as in my Lemon Raspberry Macarons. This time when making the curd I whipped it for as long as the recipe suggested, and I didn’t really like the outcome because it was more like whipped butter and less like curd.

ASSEMBLY: The base was pressed into the tray, which I let cool in the fridge for half an hour before adding the cheesecake layer. I let this set for about an hour before adding the curd, which was only just room temperature and still cooling down. The curd didn’t disturb the cheesecake layer though, so it must have been cool enough. This was returned to the fridge. There was an okay set after two hours, but an even better set the next morning.

IMPRESSION: My random combinations in the biscuit base worked fine – there was no noticeable difference to if I had used only one sort of biscuit! This recipe cut up nicely into single serves as a slice, with the layers nicely visible. It tasted great – a cold cheesecake made this way tends to be nice and smooth and doesn’t stick to the roof of your mouth like baked versions.

Recipe from Women’s Weekly Old-Fashioned Favourites


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