RECIPE: Crumpets were on my list of things to try. We eat bought crumpets a lot, so I was entertained by the idea of baking my own. I used Jamie Oliver’s online recipe, but with 8cm crumpet rings. I didn’t make the butter!

PREPARATION: Going on previous recipes I had prepared using dried yeast, I made sure the milk was 40 degrees Celsius before adding it to the yeast. There isn’t much technique about finishing off the batter, although you do need to find a nice warm spot for it to develop. I heavily oiled my stainless steel crumpet rings, and as they were smaller than Jamie’s I used 3 tbs of batter instead of 4 tbs. I don’t think my pan was hot enough for the first batch because it took a very long time before the first bubbles appeared. The first few I tried were thick and tasted very doughy, so I put a bit less batter in the next few. There was a fine line between what was too thin and what was too thick. Eventually I started getting the heat and amount of batter right, and the last half of the crumpets were much better. It didn’t matter how much I greased those rings, the batter stuck like crazy (and made me crazy – do you have any idea how hard it is to get a grip on a very hot round thing so you can cut out the thing inside it?). I managed to cut them all out of the rings and finish off the other side of the crumpet, but it meant I didn’t get nice neat edges. I recommend non-stick rings!

IMPRESSION: I didn’t feel like there was a substantial difference between these crumpets and the pikelets I made a while back, other than more holes. They tasted and had a texture much more like bread than the commercial variety, which have an almost rubbery finish. On the same note these were very filling. Two of these left you feeling full, unlike commercial crumpets. Not awful, but not worth the trouble.

Recipe fromĀ Jamie Oliver online



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