RECIPE: I know gnocchi isn’t what you’d expect on a pastry blog, but it involves working with dough, and I’ve always wanted to try making it, so I’m sneaking it in here. The recipe is from a book that is generally regarded as the bible of Italian cooking, which often sits in the top 10 of people’s must have cookbook lists.

675g potato (boiling/mashing type) + 170g plain flour

COMPONENTS: There’s not much to cooking potatoes, although avoiding the temptation to keep poking them to test whether they’re cooked was difficult (poking them allows water to get in and changes the texture). I riced the potatoes through a sieve, then added the flour and got quite a nice dough. I rolled it out in sausages about 2.5cm then cut bit-sized pieces off. I started out by following the instructions to roll them off a fork to get grooves on one side (better to hold the sauce), then abandoned that and left them plain. They were a bit stodgy after cooking, so I ended up pan frying them in some olive oil. I should have cooked the potatoes in much saltier water, and probably could have also added more salt to the water when cooking the gnocchi. I only cooked part of the batch, putting the rest on a tray for the freezer, where once frozen I have the base for a fast meal.

IMPRESSION: The gnocchi were quite nice after pan-frying, but overall I’m not sold. I’d rather eat tortellini or ravioli. It was just a bit bland, even after adding pesto. It was very quick to prepare though, especially once the potatoes were cooked.

Recipe fromĀ The Essentials of Classic Italian Cooking by Marcella Hazan

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