Raw Strawberry Pistachio Cake


RECIPE: To go along with the pistachio cake with strawberry frosting I made for my work morning tea, I made exactly the same cake but in vegan form – gluten free, dairy free and raw.

COMPONENTS: The pistachio base couldn’t be easier to prepare. I made sure the nuts were finely milled so there wasn’t an unpleasant chunk to bite into while eating the cake. I couldn’t find coconut butter in the supermarket, but did find vegan butter which was a mix of shea, coconut and almond butter and this seemed to work fine. I was lucky to find strawberries at the peak of the winter season and full of flavour. My strawberry mix didn’t require smoothing, as it was fairly runny and smoothed itself. I’m not sure if this impacted how long it stayed set after being removed from the freezer.

ASSEMBLY: I used a rectangular frame on a baking tray, first pressing in the pistachio base, then once cooled, pouring over the strawberry mix and returning it to the freezer. Once set in the freezer, it was easy to remove the frame with a knife run under hot water, giving the cake lovely sharp edges.

IMPRESSION: This was a tasty alternative to a baked cake, like an iced dessert. People were coming back for seconds so it must have been okay. It did melt quickly, at which point you need to start eating it with a spoon, but it still tastes good!

Recipe from Nirvana Cakery

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