Pistachio Cake with Strawberry Frosting


RECIPE: We have been planning an office move for ages at work, and finally after two years, my whole team were finally together under one roof, so we celebrated. I wanted to do something a bit interesting that wasn’t your standard chocolate or citrus based cake or dessert, and I settled on pistachio. There’s a few flavours that go with pistachio, but I decided on strawberry as I thought the colour contrast would be striking. I didn’t alter the recipes.

COMPONENTS: The measurements for the recipe are thankfully provided in grams as well, but then when you go to the information about how to judge whether you have the right amount of pistachios it refers to cup measurements again, which I assumed were US cups. While the measurements were a bit vague, it doesn’t seem to matter much. I think you just end up with either a nuttier or smoother cake. Always be careful when using online recipes – the teaspoons are the same in different countries, but the US tablespoon is 15mL compared to Australia’s 20mL. When I type up a recipe I always convert the necessary measurements to grams or millilitres. I found that after doing the short mix of the wet ingredients into the dry, I still needed to do a quick couple of turns with a spatula to combine it all together properly – I preferred this method to over-mixing. I didn’t add any food colour so my cake was a little more yellow/brown, but it still looked fine to me! The recipe suggested greasing and lightly flouring the pans, which didn’t work for me. My cakes got stuck and I wish I’d added a circle of baking paper on the bottom. Frosting is a great way to cover up and hold together broken cakes though 🙂  I needed more dried strawberries for the frosting than the recipe called for. The flavour was definitely strawberry but not as strong as I’d hoped. I did have to add a pinch of salt, and this definitely improved the taste of the frosting.

ASSEMBLY: Like I said, my cakes were a little worse for wear, but they all came together okay once I put on the frosting. Don’t forget if you’re having problems with the crumbs getting into your outer layer of frosting, do a thin layer like you see on ‘naked’ cakes and refrigerate it, then finish your frosting. It helps set the cake. The fresh strawberries on top built on the flavour and added freshness.

IMPRESSION: This cake looks pretty and tasted great. It was a big success and worth bringing out on a special occasion.

Pistachio Cake recipe from Sally’s Baking Addiction (link)
Strawberry Frosting recipe also from Sally’s Baking Addiction (link)

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