Simple White Bread


RECIPE: After my last disappointing experience with making bread, I went to my Facebook foodie group for advice. They suggested I might have allowed the bread to prove for too long or there might have been too much yeast, and one told me to try the River Cottage recipe for Simple White Bread. So I did.

PREPARATION: The main difference in this recipe from the last one I tried is that after the first rise, you deflate the dough with your fingers, then immediately shape it into the finished rounds and set it out to rise again. There is no second knead, you don’t brush the dough but you do slash it before baking.

IMPRESSION: It worked! It wasn’t absolutely perfect and the best bread I’ve ever had, but at least I got a good rise that stayed there throughout baking. There was no doughy bit, the crust was nice, and the bread had good air pockets. We ate a whole loaf straight out of the oven and that was delicious, and the other one was eaten over the next day or two. It kept fairly well, but was definitely better fresh. I’m going to try this recipe again to see if I can improve from here.

Recipe from River Cottage (link)


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