Boeuf Bourguignon Pie


RECIPE: I used Felder’s recipe for Quick Puff Pastry, also known as Rough Puff. I used his ingredients and method for the first steps to the cooling of the pastry ball in the fridge. When I rolled it out, I added extra lamination, by cutting about 80-100g of butter into 5mm thick slices and folding the pastry into thirds around the butter, which I placed in the middle third. I then rolled it a couple of times as for normal puff pastry.

COMPONENTS: I cooked the beef following the casserole recipe, but only baked it in the oven for one and a half hours instead of two, as I figured it would get an extra bake once inside the pastry. The casserole didn’t have a runny sauce, so it was perfect for placing in a pie. The puff pastry was very straight forward. Once the ingredients were mixed and the first pastry ball cooled, I altered the recipe as discussed above in an effort to get a little more layering to the final pastry. Felder’s recipe didn’t have any folding, whereas Julia Child and Gordon Ramsay both added more butter and did several rounds of folding to increase layers in the pastry, so I compromised and landed somewhere in between.

ASSEMBLY: I cut the pastry around the pie dish shape for the tops, and for the bottoms I added an extra 10mm. I placed the base, filled the dish with the boeuf bourguignon, then pressed the top sheet of pastry around the edges to connect the top to the bottom sheet of pastry. This didn’t seem to stop the edges from ‘puffing’ up. The weather has finally cooled down, so the pastry was a bit easier to work with than I experienced during summer.

IMPRESSION: Felder’s recipe was for use with a dessert and had sugar in it. If I’d thought about it I would have left out the sugar, because the slightly sweet finish was noticeable (not in a bad way though) in the finished pie. I think Gordon Ramsay’s recipe looks good and if I make it again, that’s the one I’ll use. The boeuf bourguignon was delicious and a perfect pie filling because it didn’t have a enough liquid to leak everywhere. I was pleased at how good the result was with the quick puff pastry, which lived up to its name and I was surprised how much lamination I got considering there was a lot less folding than for normal puff pastry. Pretty happy overall – dinner was very tasty!

Recipe for Quick Puff Pastry from Patisserie by Christophe Felder
Recipe for Boeuf Bourguignon from Women’s Weekly Casseroles

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