Puffed Rice Bars


RECIPE: I’m always looking for good gluten free recipes, and since I’m highly suspicious of gluten free flour, if I find a recipe that doesn’t have it, then I’m sold. This recipe also had the advantage of being lactose free; interesting since I have a workmate that has recently taken on this diet restriction. I swapped black chia seeds for white.

COMPONENTS: I think a complete newbie to cooking would be able to manage preparing the mix for this recipe. You warm a few ingredients, mix in the rest, press it into a pan and then set it in the fridge.

ASSEMBLY: It looked more interesting to coat the slice in a triangular shape. To do this, rather than dipping, I used a teaspoon to drizzle the coating across the slice. Even though I allowed the majority of it to drip off, once they had set in the fridge I took them out and cut off the excess around the edges where it had been resting on the paper to make them a neat shape.

IMPRESSION: This slice tasted great. The gluten free/lactose free people at my office loved it. However, if I made it again I would ditch the cashew nut butter/coconut oil coating because it has a really low melt point. The slice needs to be eaten straight out of the fridge, otherwise it melts all over your fingers. An alternative might be dark chocolate, or no dip at all.

Recipe from Donna Hay

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