Anzac Caramel Slice


RECIPE: This recipe looked like an interesting mix. A cheesecake crossed with banoffee pie with a chocolate topping. I didn’t alter the recipe other than using my own caramel, but I did leave off the topping of whipped cream, banana and crushed biscuits because I wasn’t sharing it as a dessert, but rather as a slice.

COMPONENTS: The base is a standard biscuit base with a very light bake. Rather than using packaged caramel sauce, I had some leftover caramel that I spread across the biscuit base. The cheesecake is stabilised with gelatine. Rather than using a water bath to dissolve the gelatine, I put the water/gelatine mix in the microwave for three ten second bursts and then stirred it until it was combined. The chocolate topping was created by simply heating cream and then stirring chocolate melts into it until smooth.

ASSEMBLY: The biscuit base once cooled was spread with the caramel then sliced banana was layered over the top. The cheesecake was spooned over and set for an hour, then once the chocolate had cooled a little it was poured across the top and smoothed. While the assembly was straightforward, pulling it out of the tin was not. I would recommend having two layers of baking paper: 1. because the paper softens and tears once it gets wet from the mix and 2. because it gives extra strength when trying to remove the slice from the tin. The baking paper needs to go higher than all the edges so you’ve got something to pull on. I ended up having to cut one row of the slice before I could access the rest to lift it out. The next thing that didn’t go as planned was cutting the slice. It’s necessary to use a hot, dry knife for each cut. Run the knife under hot water then dry on a tea towel or cloth before making your cut. If you don’t do this, the chocolate topping lifts up with your knife and moves everywhere. Finally, the chocolate topping didn’t have a very good grip on the cheesecake underneath and slid off the slice as soon as it warmed slightly following removal from the fridge (while serving). I’m not sure if the topping was still too warm when I spread it over the top of the cheesecake, or if the topping would slide even if everything was the same temperature. It made for a slice that was difficult to keep looking perfect.

IMPRESSION: This slice tasted amazing. You expect it to be terribly sweet, but it must be the sour cream in the cheesecake and the banana slices that keeps the flavour balanced. The presentation of the slice was a little frustrating, but it tasted so good I can let that go!

Recipe from Taste Australia online


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