Anzac Brownie Slice


RECIPE: This recipe adds the moistness of brownie to the normally dry ANZAC biscuit. With ANZAC Day approaching, it was a good time to try it out. By cooking the base for ten minutes as recommended, it’s very easy to end up with it overbaked. I’d cook it until just golden.

COMPONENTS: The ANZAC component is a pretty standard recipe for the biscuit, spread as a base, then reserved as a crumble on top for the second bake. I’ve been making these biscuits since I was a child, so I was pretty familiar with the process of melting the ingredients and adding the baking soda. It’s a bit of fun – but make sure you don’t use too small a pan as it froths up quite a lot! For the brownie, I beat the eggs before adding them, and also added them after the flour and cocoa to avoid the egg cooking on contact with the hot chocolate. Don’t miss the five minute cooling period – it’s important.

ASSEMBLY: Easy. Bake the base, add the brownie mix, crumble over the remaining ANZAC mix and bake. Once it had cooled a while, I melted the chocolate and drizzled it over. I only used 70g instead of 100g, and it was plenty.

IMPRESSION: This is an enjoyable slice that holds together and travels well. It’s not too rich – just rich enough.

Recipe from Taste Australia online

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