Cake-filled Easter Eggs

IMG_0082aRECIPE: This is my first attempt at putting together recipes in an innovative way, and I’m quite excited to take this step. It’s definitely a work in progress because it’s quite challenging finding recipes or combinations that will achieve the effect you’re after. White chocolate was spread as a thin shell into Easter egg moulds, the halves then filled with vanilla cake pop mix to look like the egg white and passionfruit curd to look like the egg yolk. The vanilla buttermilk cake is a tried and tested recipe that creates a good crumb. I’ve also made the passionfruit curd before, but forgot how well it set and added extra gelatine that really wasn’t necessary. I made the full amount because I love it spread on toast – you only need a little for this recipe.

COMPONENTS: I halved the cake recipe because I know it makes enough cakes to do three layers, and I didn’t want that much! It’s a pretty standard process, although I didn’t have any buttermilk in the house, so substituted milk with lemon juice. This combination looks like it’s going horribly wrong because it curdles, but once it’s mixed in with the rest of the ingredients it makes no difference. I spread the cake mix into a slab pan so I could get a cake no more than 2cm high. When I took it out of the oven I flipped it upside down to flatten out the top of the cake. The frosting was a very standard mix of butter, sugar, cream and vanilla, and the recipe I used (link below) allows you to make a very small quantity – you really don’t need much. Making the curd is okay if you start with room temperature eggs and follow instructions in terms of introducing the eggs to the mix when it’s not on the heat. The biggest problem when making curd is the egg whites cooking, which results in little bits of cooked white spread through the finished product. This doesn’t affect the taste but does affect the look. I added additional gelatine (dissolved in water) to a small amount to use as my ‘yolks’, but this wasn’t necessary and made it a bit rubbery in texture.

ASSEMBLY: Once the cake was cooled, I crumbled a portion of the cake into a bowl and combined it with enough vanilla frosting to bind it together. Too much frosting and it’s too sweet. I melted the white chocolate buttons in the microwave for 30 seconds then stirred them until they were all melted. Once smooth, I used the back of a teaspoon to paint the chocolate in the egg mould, thick enough to cover the plastic. After the chocolate had set in the fridge, I pressed the vanilla cake mix into the egg mould, scooped out a half sphere and filled the hole with the passionfruit curd. This was returned to the fridge to set. Once set, the halves were removed from the moulds, melted white chocolate painted around the rim and the two halves pressed together. I had to trim the face of each half so they’d fit together neatly, and I used melted chocolate to smooth out the join. They were then returned to the fridge to set.

IMPRESSION: The vanilla cake mix with the white chocolate was very sweet and needed the slightly tart passionfruit curd to temper the sweetness, but the curd was only in one half of the ‘egg’. This means the overall taste was compromised to achieve a visual effect. When all the components were combined in a mouthful, it worked really well together. The visual effect was great, but White Cake rather than vanilla cake would have created a whiter white! I’m pretty satisfied considering it was my first attempt at creating my own combination of flavours and recipes 🙂

Vanilla buttermilk cake recipe from Make, bake & celebrate by Annie Rigg
Frosting recipe from Sally’s Baking Addiction
Passionfruit curd recipe from Liz Macri for Taste


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