RECIPE: I decided to try homemade bagels after buying a disappointing packet of bagels from the supermarket over the weekend. When we travelled in Alaska a while back, we fell in love with fresh bagels, but they’re not common in Australia. Yes, I stuffed up and somehow ended up with flat bagels even though the dough rose beautifully, but this is a nice easy recipe that someone (me) could bake, when they really have no skill with anything involving yeast. It’s also nice to be able to cook a bread-equivalent in only two hours.

COMPONENTS: Preparing the dough all went exactly as the recipe said it would. The yeast bubbled up nicely and the dough doubled in size just as it was meant to. When creating the rings, the recipe said to leave a two-inch hole in the middle, so I was expecting it to close up a little, but it didn’t, so some of my bagels have a large hole. I’d seen a trick on TV of spinning the bagel on your finger to get an even hole, and this worked pretty well. I followed all the recommended times, so I’m not sure how you get nice plump bagels like you see in the shops. I suspect I didn’t knead the dough for long enough or vigorously enough.

ASSEMBLY: The dough is sticky, so they stuck to my fingers a bit when I was trying to drop them in the boiling water. I ended up flouring my hands generously so that wouldn’t happen. They transferred easily to the baking tray and baked well.

IMPRESSION: Even though they looked a bit flat and lumpy, my bagels tasted yummy and weren’t dense or dry – way better than the bought ones available in the supermarket. I liked how quick and easy they were to make. Another one I’m going to have to try again to see if I can get it right.

Recipe from Genius Kitchen

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