Bacon and Onion Roly Poly


RECIPE: I’m part of a wonderful (closed) Facebook foodie group and one of the members posted this recipe, which looked like something my husband would enjoy. This roly poly is a savoury variation on a suet pudding. I couldn’t find suet (!), so substituted Copha (vegetable shortening) based on a recommendation online. I was using up leftover Christmas ham, so substituted that for the bacon, and added mushrooms. I spread about 2 tbs of chutney over the pastry before adding the filling.

COMPONENTS: I’m not sure if I measured it out wrong, but my dough was extremely wet and wouldn’t come together properly, so I added more flour (maybe another half a cup) until the dough was only slightly tacky instead of sticky. Because of all the handling, the dough became smooth when it was supposed to be just combined and rough-looking. This didn’t seem to affect the end result.

ASSEMBLY: Once I got my dough looking close to right, it was easy to roll out and spread it with the chutney and filling. Rolling it was also fine but I wonder whether it would crumble while rolling if it hadn’t been my smoother version? I tucked it in at the ends, and even after baking I had a perfectly smooth finish, with no cracks or leaks. I added an egg wash to get a nice finish on the crust.

IMPRESSION: To stop the filling getting soggy you have to keep it fairly dry. This means that the overall result is on the dry side and it really needs to be eaten with gravy or sauce. It was tasty country style home cooking, but I found it heavy on the bread and light on the flavour. I think I’d rather stick to less dough and more filling. My husband seemed to like it, and it travels well as a work lunch that can be heated up in the microwave.

Recipe from The Pie Patch

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  1. The Pie Patch says:

    Glad you enjoyed experimenting with my recipe. You do need to be very careful adding the water – little by little, working until it only just comes together. But it sounds as though your version was a tasty success! My style of cooking is never an exact science & I do try to leave my recipes open to interpretation, so that people can substitute ingredients & enjoy making them in their own way. Thank you for sharing your method.


    1. athomeruby says:

      Thanks for the recipe! I’m not sure what I did because the girl who used the recipe first didn’t have the same problem. It was definitely tasty country style cooking, and fortunately I still got it to work!


      1. athomeruby says:

        Oh and thanks for reminding me that I’m writing about recipes that people have worked hard on. My focus is not so much on whether it’s a good recipe but my ability to reproduce it (which is sometimes not so good). I’ll make sure I’m sensitive to that in future 🙂


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