Olive oil and herb crackers


RECIPES: A New Year’s Eve party and a long-held desire to cook a savoury cracker led me to try this recipe. Overall the recipe worked well, although there were some gaps in the recipe, which lists three kinds of dried herbs then doesn’t tell you how to use them. I sprinkled them on the crackers at the same time as the salt. I didn’t have kosher salt as it’s hard to find in Australia – sea salt flakes is a suitable substitute.

COMPONENTS: Simple single component.

ASSEMBLY: I forgot to lightly brush the dough balls in olive oil before resting; as a result they became a little dry. Once rested, I rolled out the dough on parchment paper so I could slide the paper straight onto the baking tray. This was much easier than trying to transfer the thin dough to the baking tray by hand. I recommend doing a test batch and see whether you prefer them thinner, thicker, lightly baked or baked a little more. During baking the outside crackers always cooked faster, so after a few trays I began removing the outer ones and returning the central crackers back to the oven for another two minutes.

IMPRESSIONS: This was a nice easy recipe and has made me keen to try more savoury cracker recipes. Baking was the only thing that took some time because I could only fit two trays in the oven at a time. The crackers were tasty, crunchy, and went well with both cheese and dip and were just as good on their own.

Recipe: https://www.asweetpeachef.com/olive-oil-herb-crackers/

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