Chocolate Marshmallow Teacakes


RECIPE: I wanted to try these teacakes after seeing them in a technical challenge on the Great British Bake Off Series 3, set by Paul Hollywood. The recipe is for 7.5cm domes, which I thought was too big so I made a smaller 4cm version. They were fiddly to make, but used ingredients most bakers have in stock all the time. There was way too much marshmallow for my teacakes, so I piped the leftover on top of some gingerbread biscuits and the combination was to die for.

COMPONENTS: The biscuit had a good flavour and great snap without being too tough to bite through. The recipe doesn’t recommend this but if you want a nice shiny finish you should temper your chocolate – I obviously didn’t do this and therefore have cloudy chocolate domes. I liked the thickness of my chocolate dome. It was sturdy enough to hold together when I removed the teacakes from the moulds, but not so thick that you needed a hatchet to break through to the marshmallow. My marshmallow was delicious and held it’s shape, although it was softer than I expected.

ASSEMBLY: Assembly went quite well except for the biscuits being a few millimetres too big to fit inside the mould, but that just meant I got more marshmallow into each one! I think to get a nice neat finish, fitting it inside is important.

IMPRESSION: The flavour didn’t excite me enough to try baking them again, but I’m curious about what they’d be like with a little salted caramel added just before you put the chocolate coated biscuit into the mould…

I used this recipe: Paul Hollywood’s Chocolate Marshmallow Teacakes

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  1. Sounds delicious with gingerbread! I do miss all things marshmallow because of the gelatin factor (not vegetarian, even though plenty of alternatives exist, like agar-agar). I challenge you to try aquafaba meringues or similar!

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